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How to Find the Best Equestrian Insurance

How to Find the Best Equestrian Insurance

If you use your horse for showjumping, then you should certainly consider taking out an equestrian insurance policy. There can be major differences between different insurance companies and policies, making it critical to take certain steps to find the best policy for your equestrian horse. Here are some helpful tips for achieving that goal:

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1. Be honest about your horse’s medical history
To begin with, it’s the right thing to do. However, it could also create many logistical problems later if you’re not honest about any pre-existing conditions that your horse has. The reason is that such factors will have a big impact on the premiums that they charge you. Besides listing any pre-existing conditions, make sure that you include supporting documents to show the horse’s past medical history. While you’ll likely have to pay higher premiums for the pre-existing conditions, you’ll have peace of mind that your horse will be covered.

2. Access an aggregate site
This is one of the best tools for comparing different companies and policies. It’s much easier than surfing the Internet for information about different companies. One site can help to fine-tune your search, making the process much faster and easier. Simply add the services you’re looking for in a horse insuring company, and voila—the search engine will make helpful suggestions for you. This will definitely help to narrow down your search.

3. Learn what a policy covers
It’s important to keep in mind that there are various items that an equestrian insurance policy can cover. They include situations your horse could be involved in, including injuries, theft, and the sad event of your horse passing away. Always verify which situations are covered in a particular policy, so there won’t be any surprises after purchasing it. Also make sure to read the fine print. Oftentimes people take out a policy only to find out later that certain things or situations weren’t included in the policy. The time to learn about that is before you buy the policy.


4. Compare different insurers
Besides having many policies to choose from, you can also choose among various insurers. Make sure to do your homework. You can search online for professional reviews of various horse-insuring companies, their policies, etc. Another method you can use is to read testimonials from horse owners who have dealt with certain companies. While you might find some negative reviews, you should only consider companies that have received mostly positive reviews from their past clients.

5. Consider insuring riders/equipment
This is a major issue to consider when taking out a policy for your equestrian horse. While this will increase your premiums, it’s definitely worthwhile in the long term, as it will help to provide extra protection. Equipment for training equestrian horses can be quite costly to repair and replace, which highlights the importance of insuring it. Also, in the unfortunate situation that your rider is injured during practice or an event, it’s advisable that your horse insurance policy covers him or her. It can include coverage for issues such as dental, medical, and disability care.

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How to Find the Best Equestrian Insurance Prices


If you own a horse for racing, then it’s highly advisable that you secure equestrian insurance. Even if you take steps to provide the best care possible for your horse, there’s always a chance that a mishap could happen. So it’s critical to be prepared for those situations. It’s always advisable that you take steps to find the best price possible for a horse insurance policy. Here are some helpful tips:

1. Shop around As with buying any other insurance policies, it’s critical to shop around. This will help you to find the best rates for insurance policies. As a general rule you should consider getting at least three written price quotes. If you can get more, then it’s even better. By getting at least three it will guarantee that you’re not paying the highest rates possible. However, it’s highly advisable that you compare as many companies as possible, in order to find the lowest rates possible.
2. Read the small print This is one of the best steps you can take in order to save money on horse insurance. Without knowing the exact terms and conditions of a particular policy, you could end up overpaying for certain services, or being unaware about certain charges. That includes various types of expenses, such as for veterinarian checkups. Pretty much different exclusions apply for different policies, so it’s important to know what they are.

3. Remember that price and value are different
The problem that many horse owners make is that the price of their policy is the same as the value. That simply isn’t true. In fact, many horse owners learn this fact when they’re required to file a claim, and discover that certain types of cover aren’t included in their policy.

4. Consider your current/future class of use
When taking out a policy for a horse, you’ll be required to choose a class of use. In order to save money on a horse insurance policy, it’s highly advisable to consider both the current class for the use of your horse, and whether or not that could change in the future. The reason is that if the class of uses changes in the future then your current policy might not cover certain aspects of your horse ownership.

5. Find an insurance broker A broker can help you to find the best priced horse insurance policy for your particular needs. They have access to tons of companies and policies, which will help you to find the best policy at the lowest price.
6. Choose a customized policy Some companies allow you to take out a customized insurance policy that provides specific coverage for your particular horse. This is a highly advisable option if you want to save money on your policy. It will help to ensure that you have the coverage you need, and don’t have what you don’t need. If a company doesn’t provide customized policies then at least make sure you choose a policy that best suits you and your horse’s needs.
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What are The Kinds Of Coverages In Equine Insurance?

If you are wondering what kind of investment you would like to have, be sure you choose it because you love it. There are a lot of types of investments. For example, some people might go for buying property or cars and some would go for stocks and many more. But if you are one of the many who are lovers of horses, then buying horses is a unique kind of investment. Just like any other business, investing in horses also requires insurance.


For the horses, eventing Insurance is the kind of insurance for your horses. You’ll never know what is going to happen in between, accidents illness or even death may happen during or after the event. The only way to protect your horses is to avail an insurance that suits your horse needs. It protects you from spending a lot of money in an unexpected time. Better make sure you have this insurance at the time you purchase your horse or horses. Having an eventing insurance quote is a good start in purchasing an equine insurance. Here are some of the coverages for horse insurance.


1. Surgical and medical – this is related to the unforeseen expenses on veterinary, surgical and medical care charges caused by illness, accident, and injury.
2. Mortality and Theft – designed for all kinds of breeds of horses like stallion, geldings, foals, yearlings and mares. This is to protect your horse from all causes that can affect death. Such as human destruction that by accidents, injury and illnesses.
3. Colic surgery – usually this has very high expense since some colic cases can be well managed by non- surgical surgery like rectal exam, and a dose of mineral oil. While other cases will not feel better with these treatments, then this is the case where it already needs surgery.

4. Transit coverage – if you want to travel your horse to a country like for an event these are full covered. Full and one way trip are given to this kind of coverage.
5. Permanent Infertility – a kind of coverage when your horse is proven that it is infertile caused by disease, sickness and accidents. Usually you can have the 100% of the amount or the value insured. Though you cannot avail this coverage during the first breeding season.
6. Congenital Infertility – during the first season it is proven that your horse is infertile due to congenital abnormalities either acquired or hereditary.
7. Permanently disabled – if your horse is proven that it is permanently disabled it falls under loss of use. A percentage from the sum insured is rendered in this type of coverage.
8. Personal Liability – this coverage protects you as the horse owner in cases where your horse is able to injure somebody in any situation. Your horse has also damaged a property then both of these situations are covered. This is what people most likely look for in a horse insurance because it gives them peace of mind and these cases are the ones that usually experienced by people if there horse cannot be controlled.
Make sure you understand these different kinds of coverage. Before purchasing insurance you should know what you want to have insurance.

Make sure these are suitable for you and for your horse. Ask an agent on this or have a little research about it.

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Things You Should Know Before Having Equine Insurance

If you are an equestrian or just a person who loves to haves horses around, then they are your most prized possession. It is a big investment to have a horse around. Getting dressage insurance is one way in which it can protect your horse and you as the owner. As there are some things you can never predict and better yet getting insurance is a good choice.

You do not purchase insurance just because you need to. Make sure you know why you are purchasing insurance and know what you should look forward in having insurance. Here are some of the things you should learn before having one.

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1. Know Your Insurance Needs – discuss things with an agent and let them help you assess your needs. Make them explain to you the information about different policies.
2. Price of Coverage – looking at the price, be sure of how much of the coverage can you afford? Look into your salary and how much you are making to be able to pay your insurance.
3. Comparison – you should be able to compare the different insurance types. Know what you need and can afford. As each dressage insurance quotes are different that is why it is a must to make a comparison first.
4. Evaluate other policies – if you know someone who already has dressage insurance, then perhaps you can ask questions about the kind for policy. Doing that you can have an idea of how it works with the other policies.
5. Payments in Premium – when you choose the insurance type, be sure that you are able to avail of the premium. If the premium would also likely to increase be ready to pay for that in installment or full payment.
6. Right Agent – you need to have the right agent with whom you are able to talk with anytime. There is a constant communication with your agent if there are things that you would like to ask.


7. Renewal – ask for the term of the policy and ask if there are renewals as well. If there are renewals then this is the time where your premiums get higher .Ask also for the right to certain policy when reaching at a specific age.
8. Read Policy – you need to read your policy from time to time and check if you clearly understood them. Through reading the information you will be able to come up with questions and list what needs to be answered clearly with your agent. Of course you want to know everything and don’t want to figure it out all by yourself.
By the time you have already chosen and purchased a horse insurance policy might as well review and understand what’s in it for you. You can also call your agent to explain the things you cannot understand. It is better to know everything about your policy before having them. Make a research online or ask from friends or neighbors for the best dressage insurance quote available in your place and have one now.

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